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Saturday 15th July 2014

Watchtower looms over sweat and mud

Latitude Festival, Southwold, Suffolk. Very hot. But forecast warned of heavy rain and thunderstorms. Senior (aged) Browns sported umbrellas, anoraks, umbrellas and sweat. Two more junior generations encumbered less. Food glorious (no diet today). However, added three pounds.

I felt rather sorry for Gillian Clarke, National Poet for Wales: a heavy rock group, a suboptimal ambience, started. But she raised her voice and did her best to compete. Fascinating to feel your body when in the mosh pit near the loudspeakers. Chest and vocal chords vibrated. Watchtower arose as in prisoner-of-war films above tented enclosure. On balance, I support such surveillance. Jeremy Bentham would recognise such a panopticon. Site felt absolutely friendly and safe.

Taxied junior Browns, one middle Brown and all coats and umbrellas home. Heard severe thunderstorm. Calculated its distance. Night-owl Browns remaining found final headline act spectacular, its light-show the foreground to spectacular lightning. But unprepared for downpour. They reported site became mud. But without it, perhaps, Latitude would not have been a proper festival.

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